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JMS UPDATE 2015 (1): Health Rights – Tracking Maternal and Neo-natal Deaths in Raichur (Karnataka)

Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatane (JMS)  continued its focus on mobilizing Dalit women around basic entitlements while deepening its focus on violence against women, maternal and neonatal health during 2014-15.

As part of Karnataka Janaarogya Chaluvali (KJC), JMS has been actively leading documentation and actions in Manvi taluk to draw attention of the district and taluk administration to problems in the public health system specifically those affecting maternal and neonatal health. Using formats developed by KJC, JMS tracked documented and analyzed 7 neonatal deaths,three maternal deaths, several instances of complications during delivery and post-partum period in three panchayat areas of Manvi taluk.

Of the 5 women who lost their newborn infants, four were first time mothers, ll belonged to SC/ ST communities and all had hb <10gm%

Two first time mothers were carrying carrying triplets and twins respectively:

  • Both were seeking antenatal care in private hospital.
  • The woman with triplets lost all three in a private hospital in her 7th month of pregnancy. She had visited the Tornanadinni PHC only once.
  • The woman carrying twins died in a private hospital during delivery along with one newborn. She had been asked to seek antenatal and delivery care in a private nursing by the pediatrician in Manvi taluk hospital.

  • The fifth newborn died because the nurses in sejjelagudda PHC did not refer the woman to the taluk hospital even though she had lost water and had started bleeding because they wanted to extract Rs.1000 from the family, a routine charge for all cases.
  • The sixth because the 108 ambulance driver wanted to earn his commission from the private hospital and therefore he did not take the newborn infant to the Sindhanur taluk hospital
  • The seventh newborn died because the local PHC had not picked up the risk factors of the woman who had syffered two abortions earlier and was HIV positive. She had not been informed of her EDD and had not been told that she should deliver in taluk hospital.

Of the three maternal deaths:

  • All three belong to the SC/ ST community
  • All were first time mothers and the women were aged less than 25 years of age.
  • One died in her last stage of pregnancy while the other two died immediately after delivery.
  • One died at home, one in a private hospital and the other in VIMS, Bellary.
  • All three deaths were related to their Hb status:
    • One woman died of convulsions in her eighth month of pregnancy and her Hb status was reported to be 7 gm%.
    • The second woman died of post partum hemorrhage following a C-section and a hysterectomy. She received blood transfusion but did not survive.
    • The third woman had been complaining of breathlessness, weakness and exhaustion towards the end of her pregnancy. She was shifted to the ICU in OPEC superspecialty hospital after a normal delivery. But OPEC said they can’t treat her and she was moved to a private nursing home where she died four days later.
  • Two of them had sought antenatal care in private nursing homes:
    • Both of them had been referred to private by government staff:
      • In one instance it was the local ANM who had referred her to a private nursing home in Manvi for a commission.
      • In the other case it was the pediatrician in Manvi taluk hospital who suggested that the woman go to the private hospital in Raichur on the pretext that there is no care in government hospitals for pregnant women with high risk factors.

JMS made an independent representation signed by 80 women from the community to the Deputy Commissioner (DC) and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) about shortage of IFA tablets and demanding immediate restoration of their supply. JMS being part of Arogya Raksha Samiti (ARS) of Potnal Primary Health Centre (PHC) also sent a letter signed by the ARS members to the DC and CEO of ZP about restoring IFA tablets in the district.

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