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Hejjegalu (The Footsteps) – The Journey of JMS, Raichur

Hejjegalu  (The Footsteps)

Duration: 26 minutes
Language; Kannada with English Subtitles.

This short documentary film captures the story of a Dalit Madiga Women’s Collective, Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatane, Potnal. It traces the footsteps of a social experiment aimed at catalysing the birth of a grassroots Dalit women’s voice to resist,the hegemonies of caste, class and gender. The Dalit madiga women agricultural laborers used the twin principles of sangharsh (struggle) and navnirman (reconstruction) to harness their collective strength to question caste and gender-based oppression and violence while also ushering in a new dawn of dignity and justice.

The film is a tribute to the indomitable spirit, resolve and ingenuity of Dalit madiga

women as they continue to confront gender, caste and class oppression and provide

a shining illustration of meaningful human development work.

Film concept and production:  Vijaya Kumar. S

E. Premdas Pinto


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