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JMS celebrates 125th Ambedkar Jayanti

Pothnal, Raichur – JMS celebrates 125th Ambedkar Jayanti  16 April, 2016:

Ambedkar Jayanti celebrations at Jagrutha Mahila Sanghatan, Pothnal, Raichur district. More than 400 Dalit women and children commemorated the day by remembering the political thoughts of Ambedkar and his ideas of struggle for justice


JMS 2015-16: Demanding health rights, maternal health entitlements and accountability

During 2015-16,  JMS continued its focus on strengthening PHCs and in taking the lead for various health related issues.

Public dialogues in PHCs:  JMS  conducted public dialogues in two more PHCs- Toranadinni PHC and in Hirekotnekal PHC. Around 60 women participated in the public dialogue in Toranadinni PHC while around 35 participated in the one held in Hirekotnekal. These public dialogues were preceded by meetings with women in JMS sanghas in the villages attached to the sub-centres of the PHCs. At these meetings women listed several problems such as dysfunctional lab, non-availability of doctor, writing prescriptions to buy medicines outside instead of providing them free in the PHC, no representation of local women in the ARS of the PHC, not conducting deliveries in the PHC and so on. Following these discussion a date was fixed and informed to the concerned PHC staff as well as to the taluk health officer to be present. In the both public dialogues taluk health officer was present and acted on several issues promptly. For example, in Toranadinni PHC, there was no lab technician post sanctioned for the PHC and they were referring all pregnant women for basic tests to Kavital PHC, 10 km away. Women suggested that the THO depute a lab technician on ANC check –up days at Toranadinni PHC so that pregnant women at least get all aspects of care and are spared the trip to Kavital which is again another 10 kms away and is inaccessible. This was agreed. Similarly women demanded to why there was no doctor available 24X7. The THO said that there is acute shortage of doctors in the district and this is a rampant problem everywhere. However with compulsory rural posting of medical graduates, they assured that the problem will be resolved soon. But this of course depended on state level decisions he added. In both PHCs, women demanded to know why doctors were writing prescriptions to buy medicines outside. In response the in -charge medical officer in Toranadinni said that people themselves demand and he is forced to write. Then the women confronted and asked him, “Who is the doctor here? You? Or the patients? On all other matters you say ‘I know better’. How is it that you write prescriptions when patients ask you?” The MO was embarrassed and the THO instructed the doctors not to write prescriptions outside but to indent properly and provide all medicines from the PHC’s pharmacy. In both PHCs, women demanded to be made members of the ARS. In Toranadinni, the MO held additional in charge. So it was decided that the women’s names will be included when the fulltime MO takes charge. In Hirekotnekal two women from the sangha become members of the Arogya Raksha Samiti (ARS).

 Increased vigil on the private sector: (more…)

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