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Ragalaparvi PHC gets an additional nurse, the very next day of public rally – impact of JMS campaign for maternal health rights

Pursuant to the vigorous campaign which included village marches, rally at the tehshil place, addressing the press which highlighted the systemic gaps which adversely affected Dalit women, JMS started following up with the villages and the Primary Health Centres in the villages. Meetings were held in Dumthi Village (Sindhanur taluka/tehshil) and Ragalparvi PHC (Sindhanur Tehshil) where a public hearing was held. On 16 January 2018, eight days after the public rally, an hour long discussion was held with the medical officer at the PHC.

The medical officer gave the good news – the very next day after the rally, a new nurse has been appointed to the PHC, thus increasing the strength of the staff. They were extremely happy and thanked JMS, that it is their struggle that has resulted in this change.

An additional nurse certainly brings smiles in the PHC as more women can be attended to, more time can be given to each of the woman who comes to PHC, and also provides to the overburdened staff. The women in the nearby Dumthi village have now planned to go to another PHC to talk and do the follow up with the staff of the PHC.


The Press Coverage in The New Indian Express on the JMS Campaign on Dalit Women’s Maternal-Reproductive Health Rights

Pregnant Woman Mallamma’s Reproductive and Maternal Health Rights (A poster designed by JMS)


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