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CHILIPILI Alumni of JMS Continue to make headlines in Karnataka

Chilipili Child Labourers’ Special School which was run by JMS from 2000-2014, is still making headlines. Over 1000 Dalit children working as child and pledged/bonded labourers were liberated by JMS and initiated into mainstream education through a two-year residential bridge school programme conducted at JMS.

JMS decided to close the school programme in 2014 and concentrate on mainstreaming children into education through Right to Education policy of the government.

On 12th June, 2018, the Deputy Commissioner of Raichur district organised a programme to honour the outstanding children (alumni) who have been mainstreamed through these projects in Raichur. Nine of the ten children invited were students of Chilipili School run by JMS at Pothnal.

The district civil court judge and deputy commissioners felicitated the alumni. The children and their continuing education after graduating from Chilipili is as follows:



1. Sunil – Complted his BA, BEd, MA and d is now working in the police department

2.D. Maunesha – currently in 10th Std.
3. Pratikumar – currently in 10th Std.
4.Maridevi – currently in 10th Std.
5.Gurupada – curently pursuing BA
6.Subhash – currently pursuing BCom
7.Manjunath – complted BA, currently working in police department
8.Devendra – Complted BA & BEd.
9.Basavaraj – Complted BA & BEd.

JMS feels very pround of her alumni and children who have found new paths of life through the community work

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