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Floods Allover – Drought in Raichur: JMS Committed to community Rights – NREGA delivery

Monitoring Anganwadis and making Village Health and Nutrition Day Happen


Continuation of Maternal Health campaign_2019 JMS started monitoring and Strengthening of Anganwadi Centres in Manvi, Maski and Sindhanur Taluks of Raichur Dist. This is part of JMS strategy towards monitoring public services for the protection of mother and child health rights. At the village level it includes strengthening anganwadi centres for ensuring proper implementation of government programs, such as vaccinations, village health and nutrition days (VHND) which are scheduled on a determined day every month, and availability of nutirition at anganwadis.

Needless, to say, even after 14 years after the introduction of VHNDs, it takes an herculean effort to make them happen and to maintain their regularity.

JMS has singularly focused on this issue in all the four talukas – Manvi, Sindhanur, Maski and Sirwar, since February 2019.VHND - making them happen

anganwadi monitoring photo

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